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SANTI SCALPER Penis Erection Capsule - 1 box of 15 x 1 bottle

SANTI SCALPER Penis Erection Capsule - 1 box of 15 x 1 bottle

SANTI SCALPER Penis Erection Capsule - 1 box of 15 x 1 bottle
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Materials and Ingredients

Ox’s penis, pilose and ginseng, schisandra fruit, the fruit of Chinese wolfberry, dodder , epimedium , cistanche salsa, arillus longan etc.

Working mechanism

Santi Scalper penis erection capsule can provide user's kidneys with necessary nutrition. Trace elements and active substances stimulate the kidneys to modulate itself, improving the herbal remedy's infusion into the blood stream, thereby improving the amount of testosterone in blood as well as the function of the adrenal cortex , stimulating ribose metabolism and synthesis. ImproveS SOD's (detox) activity, stimulates gonads metabolism and secretions, reduce the amount of LPO, meliorates the free-radical metabolism, so kidney function is improved and healed quickly. As far as traditional Chinese medicine is concerned, the kidney's function will be improved because the kidney is invigorated and supports yang energy flow, blood flow, fluidity and brain activity.

Functions and Principle Indications:

1)Tonifies Kidneys
2)Strengthens Sexual Ability
3)Increased Energy
4)Bone Marrow Generation
5)Replenish Blood Supply
6)Compensates for loss of bodily fluids
7)Treats Sexual Impotence
8)Treats Premature Ejaculation
9)Treats Hyposexuality
10)Treats Sexual Exhaustion
11)Treats Aching Loins, legs
12)Combats Coldness of bodily extremities
13)Treats Polyuria
14)Targets treatments of sexual Dysfunction/ inability to maintain erections
15) Auxillary effect of treatment of heart disease and diabetes mellitus ( when used in small doses)

Methodology of Use/Dosage

Take 3 capsules orally l hour before sexual intercourse for best effect. Patients with heart disease or diabetes mellitus shall take 1 capsule at any one time, once a day, with boiled water before going to bed or in the morning.
Unusual response to prescribed dosages such as encountering dryness of the mouth and ruddying complexion after taking a dose is a normal phenomenon. Ruddiness will wear off after a while.


If the reaction begotten from the prescribed dosage is too strong, drink a lot of water to counteract the effects.
This product has a very strong stimula
ting effect. Be extra cautious when using on people with serious cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease. This product is not suitable for children.

Specification and Storage

15 bottles per box. Each bottle contains 0.3gx9 capsules.
Store in normal room temperature for up to 24 months only.

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