Q: What is the difference between Yellow, Blue and Red box?

A: Yellow box is our original award-winning formulation that is highly effective and more soothing to the body. Blue box is our new formulation that is 50% stronger but heatier to the body. Red box is specially designed to suit customers with diabetes or heart problems and can regulate the body to even cure these symptoms if used regularly with discretion. We recommend that first-time customers try the Yellow box before moving on to the Blue box.
Q: How does Santi Herbal sex-pills differ from other male enhancement products?

A: Santi Herbal sex-pills uses all natural ingredients, is formulated based on traditional chinese medicine knowledge passed down from generations, tested and produced using modern technology.  Unlike other products with known side-effects and high dependency, Santi Herbal sex-pills has no toxic side-effects. It's effects are quick to be felt, and customers are safe from dependency on the pill.
Q: Is Santi Herbal clinically tested?

A: Yes. Santi Herbal sex-pills are clinically tested on 3000 healthy, strong-build male suffering from premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, atrophy, insomnia, forgetfulness, lassitude and other diseases caused by kidney or age, to find that it is 93% effective in combating these symptoms. Since its induction, Santi-Herbal products have gained international recognition, winning awards such as the special award for outstanding performance at the U.S Healthcare Exhibition, the gold prize on the International Expo for fighting against senium, and the gold prize on the Expo of National famous new medical care products. Santi products have also been highly recommended to International consumers by the Medical Care International Communication and Promotion Association of China Sanitation Ministry, Chinese Traditional Medicine Research Institution, the National Committee on Aging as well as the Consumer Protection Fund.
Q: Where do we ship?

A: Santi Herbal ships Worldwide except for Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, French Polynesia and Germany. We do ship to other countries with strict customs and places where shipment is hard to reach at high success rate, however, the buyer is to make purchase at his/her own risk.
Q: What if shipment DO NOT pass customs?

A: Due to high cost of production and transaction cost, Santi Herbal, as with all online retailers, will not be able to offer refund for shipment that is lost in shipment or destroyed by customs. We may however offer discount as a form of goodwill on a case by case basis. The customer is responsible for providing the necessary documentations and proof of purchase to santi.herbal_customercare@live.com.
Q: Does Santi Herbal accept other payment methods?

A: No. We only accept Paypal payment which accepts all forms of credit card. Kindly follow the quick and easy steps to create a Paypal account via this link.
Q: Is there bulk discount if I order more?

A: No. Due to the nature of our product, we strongly advise against bulk purchase and hence no bulk discount can be provided. We will advise to purchase 2 boxes (Maximum 3 boxes) for 1 shipment.
Q: Does Santi Herbal ship in bottles instead of 1 box?

A: No. This is to ensure a high success rate in passing customs and to prevent the product from being lost / destroyed during shipment. 

For further enquires, please drop us a Contact form via this link or drop us an email via santi.herbal_customercare@live.com. Our customer care officer will get in touch with you within 1-2 business days.

~ Wishing you a Pleasurable Experience with Santi Herbal! ~

Santi Herbal, you Healthier choice, for a Healtheir Sex life.

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