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  Anhui Santi medical care products Company lies in the beautiful city Mengcheng, which is the national base for scalper breeding and the hometown of Zhuangzi, who is a celebrity in China's history.

    Founded in 1993, the company produces Chinese Traditional Medicine in Mengcheng, Anhui Province. It has an area of almost 100,000 square meters and a plant of over 10,000 square meters. The company is a private enterprise which integrates R&D, production and distribution, with a clear ownership and a standardized management. It takes the management philosophy of focusing on details and serving its clients sincerely, and insists upon the guideline that the company should expand using science and technology, survive in the competitions with high quality products, and also insists that its talents should always make progress. After a decade of growth, the company has a team of more than 160 employees, including management, researchers and workers. 40 percent of them are professionals holding middle or high technical post in different kinds of industries. This qualificatory team strongly ensures the company’s rapid process.

    Now, Anhui Santi Medical Care Products Company has over 30 kinds of health care and Chinese medicinal products, such as Santi Scalper Penis Erection Capsule, Santi Scalper Bovine Erection Capsule, China Jianbaoxiu Oral Liquid, Santi Scalper Penis Adam tonic Solution, Ascorbic acid Nutrition Calcium tablet, Milk Calcium Nutrition, Lysine Nutrition, Fe Zn Ca Nutrition, Amino acid Vi Calcium tablet , Vegetable Distillate Vi Calcium tablet, Strong Bone and Heighten Vi Calcium tablet, Brain strengthener and galangal Vi Calcium tablet, Anti moth and healthy tooth Vi Calcium tablet, Stomach Strengthening Vi Calcium tablet, Immunity Kavass Vi Calcium tablet, Fruit Distillate Vi Calcium table, as well as many other medicinal products.

    Our company has been producing according to national criterion of GMP since January 2003. The series of products named modern Chinese medicines are produced using the new technologies of distilling Chinese traditional medicines. the disadvantages of chinese traditional medicines have been overcome and are now easy to use and convenient to carry. They are no longer bitter to taste. The dominant products, that is, Santi Scalper Penis Erection Capsule, Santi Scalper Baois Erection Capsule, Santi Scalper Penis Adam tonic Solution, and China Jianbaoxiu Oral Liquid ect, are all selling well in both domestic and foreign markets. 

    These products are recognized as health care foods by the authoritative International food and Drug organizations from the U.S.A., Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Japan etc. They have also gained the special prize at the American Medical Expo, winning the gold prize on the International Expo for fighting against senium, the gold prize on the Expo of National famous new medical care products, and are also awarded as the recommended products for the national consumers by organizations such as Medical Care International Communication and Promotion Association of China Sanitation Ministry, Chinese Traditional Medicine Research Institution For Sexual, National Elder Committee, Consumer Protection Fund. Fei Xiaotong, the former vice-chairman of NPC and the famous sociologist, had visited the company in his special trip and gave the agreeable words that China's Jianbao is being well-known both in China and abroad.

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